Terms & Conditions

When you use our services, you're agreeing to follow these rules.

1. C&D’s activity programme may be subject to change for reasons of safety, unsuitable weather conditions or situations beyond C&Ds control.

2. C&D reserve the right to amalgamate the weeks of the courses if there are insufficient numbers.

3. C&D reserve the right to cancel or change the date of the camps at any time prior to June 1st of the year of the course. In the case of a cancellation of the camp, C&D will refund the full amount or where possible, an alternative week will be offered. C&D will not be liable for any further compensation.

4. C&D reserve the right to exclude or refuse any Participant at any time prior to or during the camp. Any additional cost incurred will be at the expense of the Participant or their Parent or Guardian.

5. Participants who cannot attend the full week through injury, illness or for any other reason will not be entitled to any refund or form of compensation except to the extent described in Clause 9, unless space can be replaced.

6. C&D does not accept any responsibility for losses or additional expenses incurred by Participants due to sickness, injury, accident, weather or any other cause. We advise the course is treated as a holiday and Participants should take out insurance on this basis.

7. No refund of the deposit can be made after the 1st June of the year of the course being attended, unless the course is cancelled.

8. The submission of a booking form signifies the Participants’ willingness to comply with any regulations which the staff make.

9. Once a booking has been made, in the event of a Participants’ cancellation, the following arrangements regarding refunds are confirmed: After 1st June of the year of the course being attended, when full payment has been received, no refund will be available unless the space can be replaced. If the space can be replaced a full refund, excluding deposit (administration fee), will be returned. C&D will endeavour to fill any spaces, as we often have a waiting list, but this cannot be guaranteed.

10. A booking at C&D is deemed secure when payment in full has been received. Once payment has been received a member of the team will confirm acceptance of your place. To secure a place, full payment must be received prior to June 1st of the year of the course, failing to do so will result in the place being lost.

11. Participants or their parent(s) or guardian(s) consent to the taking of photos during the course and the use of any photos taken for the marketing and publicity of C&D.

12. Participants or their parent(s) or guardian(s) consent to transporting the Participant to and from Grantham Savoy Cinema on the Wednesday evening of the week of the course being attended.

13. Medication required during a visit to C&D should be made clear to staff prior to and on arrival at the camp, together with details of any medical conditions, allergies or other causes for concern that staff should be made aware of.

14. First aid will be applied by qualified first aid staff at C&D, on site. Staff may be supported by fully trained personnel at external venues, in the case of emergencies.

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