Cooke & Deaton complete their first exhibition in Bridlington!

Published on 12 Dec, 2023

Cooke & Deaton complete their first exhibition in Bridlington!


As many of you will know, Cooke & Deaton has expanded its Table Tennis offerings. We're no longer just the Cooke & Deaton Summer School, but Cooke & Deaton Table Tennis!​

To kick off our re-brand, where better to start than with an exhibition in the glorious seaside town of Bridlington. ​

On 11th September, 2023 we headed up North to Bridlington to conduct an event hosted by loyal Cooke & Deaton member, and good friend, Tony Wigley.

Bridlington Table Tennis Club set the stage for an exhilarating start to our Cooke & Deaton TT Tour at their stunning venue, with picturesque views, right on the sea front! With a history of collaborating with Tony, this event held a special place in our hearts as the first stop on our new tour. 

The gathering was graced by the presence of familiar faces from the Cooke & Deaton Summer School and former top players, including Michael & Simon James, who brought along their families, inspiring hope for future generations of passionate table tennis enthusiasts. 

Delphine, a loyal Cooke & Deaton Summer School attendee was  shining bright (as always) in the one-point challenge and the crowd witnessed a thrilling showdown between Kelly and Mia Longman, a former member of the England 9-13 squad. 

This event was a huge success and provided an incredible platform for players, of all ages, to perform in front of an enthusiastic audience. An unforgettable day marking the start of an exciting run of Cooke & Deaton Table Tennis events.

 For photos of the event click HERE


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